Wednesday, 6 August 2014

22nd Sentimental Stuff

So, as the candles on my cake increased again by one this year, I set down to write the paradox that such an age brings with itself. Read on :)

It's not everyday you turn 22
And realize it's time to grow up but still make mistakes new
Time to start saving for the rainy day but still enjoy the rain
Time to start walking on the right lane but switch them mid way
Time to move out of your home but still come back every night
Come back on the earth but fly afar with all your might
Make new friends and enemies and embrace the new
But in the rush don't forget yourself
Be cautious in holding the sail but let your hair fly in the wind
Plan every moment but don't try to hold the sand in your fist
22, 23 and 24 - as the candles on your cake increase
Dont count them and but enjoy the cherry
After all what is age- if not a mere number.

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