Thursday, 8 November 2012

The comeback!

So, it has been long. Looong wala Long(No, its not about that song from SOTY, though its worth discussing:P). I know its been months that I haven't posted anything, but I had reasons.(everybody has them, right?). All of us have reasons to justify something we have been ignoring.
With placements and CAT, I had no time. After getting placed(am not flaunting it; I didn't even mention google:P), I thought I would post something. Then I thought let me study for CAT, then I'll do it. After CAT, I thought, let me get over with the project submissions, assignments and all useless-copied-from-net-stuff-which-would-just-fetch-me-5-marks(Now don't get me started on our education system-one useless things just to irritate students-after all real learning is beyond all these assignments; but all this for some other time.Let's not deviate from the topic). After that I thought, let me celebrate that everything is over, then I'll do it. So after all this, I am here.
Now all this got me thinking, actually, made me realize that life is very short, and stopping and thinking about enjoying life is more important than doing a lot of stuff we do. A great person once said(I think it was Richard Branson)," that most of the things about which we take stress aren't even worth taking stress about."
First its about studies, then about jobs, then deadlines, then changing jobs, then a new house, loans, family, kids..and the list goes on...
How often have we thought " ek baar kisi ache institute me admission ho jaye, fir life set hai" or "ek baar naukri lag jaye, fir to life enjoy karenge".
I am not saying that you shouldn't study, or worry about important stuff like career and job, but we need to understand that while running after stuff, we forget about enjoying life.
We forget about being grateful for all wonderful stuff we have got.
And as I have been saying before, life is all about the journey , and not simply about the destination.
So, don't procrastinate enjoying your life, don't make your life all about your job or deadlines rather make it about how you still lived the fullest even when faced with all the regular bumps on you way!!

P.S.I do give credit when its due!! Inspiration for this goes to Gunjan-thankyou!!:)
P.P.S: It took me an HOUR  to edit this. Screw all those subject -verb agreements and those useless grammar rules that I cramped my mind with for CAT!!