Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Making A White Globe

Piglet: Pooh, have you ever seen a white globe?
Pooh: Say what?
Piglet: A white globe, Pooh. Do you have a fluff in your ear?
Pooh: Maybe. But isn’t a white globe like everyday? Like a new day? Totally yours to make it, color it, anything you want, or even put honey on it and eat it!
Piglet: Do you think of anything other than food, Pooh?
Pooh: Say what?

Picturize a white globe. A globe without the markings and divisions, without any countries and continents on it. Difficult, yes? But interesting if you look at it from another view. Lets just slightly tilt the axis.
Think about it like this. The white globe is your life.  Its totally up to you what you draw on it, or for that matter what you do with it. You can play football with it, and while away your life, making it ordinary. Or, you could just see what others are doing with it, and copy them. Be a rat, and simply follow the other rats in whatever they are doing with their lives. Or you could do what the world did. Sit and divide it-form perceptions and boundaries. Boundaries for yourself, boundaries for your capabilities- and fix it. Fix it in such a way that there is no space for anything new and then just sit and become comfortable for the rest of your life.
Or, you can take your globe with you to all the amazing places you visit- and mark all the new places where you do something new. Never make boundaries. Draw and redraw places and color them whichever way you want.
Lets tilt the axis a little more now.
Each day is like a globe. White or colored-depends on you. You can wake up every morning and carry the baggage of a colored globe around your neck. The baggage of perceptions, premature opinions and set boundaries. Or, you can wake up every morning, look at your white globe and say to yourself-Hey! Let’s paint it afresh!
Whatever you do with your globe depends on you. So, smile and paint it pink. Or red. Or black! Or draw little cats on it, and spin it around. But whatever you do just remember to clean the slate everyday.  And never restrict yourself by boundaries of the world- step on the boundary and run. Run away with the globe. Run to the highest peak and watch the sunrise. And paint the sun on the globe. Jump from the mountain. Into the new sea. Swim with Nemo and his friends and make sand castles on the beach. Fly with the birds with your arms spread wide. Drink the wine and smell the roses on the way. Smile at that cute guy and say Hi! Experience the world, just dive into the pool.

After all, as the wise Pooh put it, it’s your globe. Yours.


  1. Trace your day on your own White Globe! I like the perspective... :)

  2. Record and trace your day on your own little white Globe... I love the perspective...


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