Thursday, 7 February 2013

Abhi Isi Waqt!

Last week while cleaning my cupboard I found some photographs of mine when I was young. Not that I am old now, but young in the sense little young-around 13 years old. I was alarmed to see my picture of 8 years ago. I looked so-weird. I cringed at the thick glasses, long skirt, and my hair- oh my god don't even get me there.
Hideous. Totally.
I wish I could go and give some tips to the 13-year-old-me.
Like, not that I am saying you are ugly, but please get your eyebrows in shape. They cover your entire damn forehead.
Please get your arms and legs waxed-frequently. You wear a skirt, for god's sake!
Oh, and this skirt-what era are you living in? It is not necessary for the skirt and socks to meet!
And that dull ponytail? You should get a haircut.
And please, don't be so coy and blush every time your crush talks to you. Tell tale signs, I tell you.
And the list is endless.
I kept rechecking myself in the mirror to assure myself that no traces of the young 13-year-old-me had seeped into me.
That night, I kept thinking and reminiscing to my school days. From school days, my train of thought kept moving and finally stopped at the station when I would be 30.
What would the 30 year-old me advice the 21 year old me?
Would it also say that I look horrible?
Would it urge me to have fun and not look back?
or, would it lament the fact that I havn't studied more?
And that's when I had my eureka moment.
Instead of vacillating back and forth in the future and past, shouldn't I be living in the present?
Considering this is my last semester of college, shouldn't I be doing all the stuff which I had planned to do?
All those road trips, exploring dilli, eating all that chandni chowk ka calorie high khana?
And then I pledged to myself that I won't give 30-year-old-me the opportunity to lament the fact that 21-year-old-me didn't enjoy college life. That I didn't complete my bucket list.
That I missed the last few months of a carefree life for what? A few attendance marks?
Not a chance.
It took me so long to realise that instead of thinking about past and future, I should focus more on the fact that this time won't back. This time of bunking classes and eating chai and biscuits or sitting under the sun won't come back.
So, live life in the moment. Not the previous moment, not the next moment. But this very moment.
Don't procrastinate. Laugh at stupid stuff, say stupid stuff, dance like crazy when you are happy, ask for a hug when you are sad, eat that big piece of cake-nobody's counting those stupid calories, gain weight then lose it, buy yourself something cute and pink. And don't forget to put that beautiful smile of yours on your face-looks weird sometimes, but most of the time works-at least for me :)

P.S. Again for one of my friends. Parul Yadav(got 3 paruls-had to specify!).
I hope you have your eureka moment and realize that life is all about living in the "now".


  1. Thank you so much for dedicating it to me :)
    You are so right Geetanjali...We all plan whats best for are future, but what about our present ? Do we plan it ? I don't think so...
    time to live present... actually best present in the best possible way.. eat,laugh,pray,love,make friends, tell jokes( i noe how bad i am at this) but still .. Lets not wait for future..lets live better :)
    I always had a list but never had the determination to do all that was written in it. I guess its time to open that list again , add few more wishes ( some extremely weird) and start a new journey...:)

    1. I am glad I made you take that list of yours out!
      Glad to be a part of it! :D

  2. We all are running towards nothing, forgetting all our past, thank you at least for few minutes you made me go through my past.

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    Thanks & Regards
    Bensie Dorien.

    1. Thankyou for taking out time and giving it a read.
      Glad that I could make you remember :D


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