Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Nocturnal Rendezvous

He sat under the tree , looking towards the sky
His face was clouded with pain, as if pained by waiting.
I asked him what do you see in the sky?
I see the dark, I await the night, he said.
The night? What is there to await the night?

He sighed and said, Night has a certain charm to it, she sits with u and tells u a story
She brings out the true self of you which otherwise was buried under the obligations and restrictions of sunlight, she makes you feel realistic
In the day you are just living a lot of different lives
faces taken by mirrors , views taken by instances.
Night cuddles with you , weeps with you, smiles with you , makes love to you , puts you to sleep like a beloved distinguished damsel does..

I said, but sometimes the damsel turns monster when it strangles you with its sinister arms,
tempts you with its cursed hairs, makes you fear her endless black existence deprived of happiness and hope.
Locking your gaze, she takes you to the endless pit of sadness.
She leaves in the sunlight to find another one who would join you in the pit.
But that's where light comes in, and taking your hand tries to pull you help u survive..

To this he said , Maybe the light is an illusion to your belief
Night never brings sadness along, she is the most sought after creature and the damsel even though a monster, is still composed of feminism and womanhood and as a quality trait it gives birth
it will never embrace those who are afraid of her...

He looked at me waiting for a reply...

I sat beside him looking at the fading twilight...trying to find the goodness
but after some time I looked at him and said, its delusional to those who don't believe in it.
Who don't believe that no matter how deep the pit, no matter how many layers your pretty damsel makes of sadness, the light will percolate all of them.
All of them to save only those who believe in it.
But some are so blinded by the clouds of night that they think the lighted  hand to be an illusion, such is her embrace....

He said, on the contrary , the sadness the pains bring the best out of us
Pain is nothing but the weakness leaving the body
every time you suffer pain , you overcome it
But yes, I'd rather prefer the night embracing me in the pain than to be wearing faces that are stolen-
that are not me , that are carved by the hollow joys and shallow smiles.
The pain is my own , and the night cries with me to overcome it...
I looked at him and thought
Could it be true?
Is the night the real damsel that the man was talking about?
Is their a woman behind the monster..that only few can see, few can feel her embrace, few can feel her presence when she cries with them?

The man looked at me and said...
Run away from the night
it is easy to believe in what looks good
But only few have the courage to believe in something that looks like a monster....
Run away to your light...
To The illusion...
Because the night will not embrace you as you fear her...
It will not embrace least not today....

P.S. After the last post, all my friends are vying for my attention.:P
But credit for this one goes to Hullas, and the reason why I am writing this. Trust him to engage you in conversations, and that too midnight ones, and that too during exams, and that too as exceptional as what led me to write this.  Thank you Hullas:)
P.S.S: Trust men to anthropomorphising (
ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing nothuman, especially to a deity), or rather gynomorphising(giving feminine attribute) everything and anything. Also, gynomorphising is not a word. Don't look for it:P ;)


  1. Hahahahah that is one of the most distinguished writings of all times !! Last 5-6 lines especially... ( although u should not reveal the sources of ur ideas , that kills the mystery :P ) and yes i love those conversations . IT was important to me than the exams :)

    1. thankyou hullas:)
      and i feel that credit should be given where ever its due:)

  2. new so intelligent....cudnt have read a better conversation.....never thought of the night from so different perspectives....and since its winters...the perfect time to think about the long quiet nights!

    1. thankyou nupur:)
      thankyou for all the support you've been given me:)
      yes..long..lonely damsel:P:)

  3. nice post!

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    Thanks & Regards

  4. wow.
    very well written gelato!!:*
    the ending especially..and yes like nupur winters it's all about the dark cold nights and embracing them..
    and i will show my daughter this too proudly :D :P

    for sm weird reason my google name cums as convergence!!:/

  5. charvi: thankyou thankyou so much :*
    you will show a lot more awesome stuff, i promise :)
    and your google name is not a surprise:P


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